Changing Appointment Date or Time does not update Google Calendaer

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Sorry if this has been asked already but I couldn't find it on a search.  I have been able to successfully schedule an appointment with a client through contacts and have it update to my Google Calender.  But if I need to alter the appointment - like change the date or time it does not update to my Google Calender.


When I edit the appointment it looks like it should happen because the Save and Send Updates is displayed.  But is this something that isn't functional with Google Calender and only a new reminder is sent?  Thanks for your help.

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Q: But is [changing an appointment Date or Time updating the Google Calendar] something that isn't functional with Google Calendar?


Short A: It is functional and supported by HubSpot as long as your Google calendar is connected at the time you make the update in HubSpot.


Longer A:

That being said, we've seen this delayed behavior. We've also, occasionally (but rarely), seen intermittent behavior when the calendar simply doesn't update. 


Bottom line?


The updates aren't always instantaneous. Give it a few minutes (or longer). If the update still isn't pushed to your Google calendar, please report back here (include your portal ID and gmail address -- important for support to assist you).


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Thanks for your quick reply.  I've had this situation come up twice this morning.  One time I waited about 10 minutes and it didn't update and another time 1/2 hour without update.  I ended up going and changing it directly in Google.  I'll try one more and give it longer before I contact support.