Campaign versus email performance not matching up




I'm evaluating a number of marketing emails we have attached to a campaign.


When I'm looking in the campaign performance view I can see that "email A" got 1 click in July. 


However, when I click into the email and look at the email's unique clicks one-by-one I count 7 in July. I'm seeing this across many of the emails in this campaign.


The campaign never tracks more than 1, even if an email has 3, 6, 10 -- whatever number of clicks. 


Is anyone else noticing this and if so, is it a glitch/issue or is this done on purpose for a reason I'm missing? 


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I'm not sure how your campaigns are structured and I'm not exactly sure if you're referring to campaign analytics or the campaigns view under the email tab. Can you clarify?


Could it be that your campaign analytics are referring to contacts vs the individual email is looking at that specific email engagement? In this case, 1 contact may have clicked the email multiple times?


If this is not correct, screenshots would be helpful or potentially scheduling time to talk over Zoom.



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