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I would like to know if anyone working in an Inbound Agency, can share some light of what are the best roles to have in a content department, even if it requieres freelancers for podcasts or video. 


What are the best people to have in house and free lance.


Hope to get grat ideas.

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Hi @Diana1 ,

As a content marketer working in an Inbound Agency, the best roles to have in a content department are

1) A Content Strategist, who can create your content calendar and plan what topics your content team should cover to get optimum results(if you don’t have a big team, authors or bloggers can also handle the strategy development part.)

2) A Content Writer, who can write content for your blogs, guest posts, product/landing pages, or wherever you need content.

3) Technical Writers, this is something where you need to focus on if you run an inbound agency. It’s not like you should hire technical writers separately, your existing authors can also be trained to write and describe the technical aspects of the softwares, etc. But technical writers play a crucial role in explaining complex things an inbound agency deals with.


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Thanks! Will keep it in mind. Is there any place for SEO Strategists?