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Hi there, 


We have an issue with outlook. 


1. We have installed the HubSpot extension for windows outlook and it worked fine for a bit,  but twice on different accounts, it deinstalled (removes itself) from the Outlook menu. So there was no option to track an log your emails in HubSpot.  When you have installed the extension again, Hubspot was again visible in the menu. The only problem what we are facing now is when you select "new email" within Outlook a new screen pop's up. In this screen, the whole Outlook menu disappeared. This shown in the attachment. What can we do about this issue? 

2. When started to use Hubspot in Outlook we have multiple emails that, after sending came back in the mailbox as it was a delivery error. This happened before the issue in outlook as described in issue 1. Can you please help me out with this issue. 


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Hi @Leoprinting,


It doesn't look like your attachments came through. As this issue is happening within your inbox, the most direct way to resolve this issue will be with HubSpot technical support, which is included in your subscription. 


I am going to follow up with you directly with next steps.


Thank you,

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