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emails from never log list are logged


I am sending email from Outlook desktop client. I have added domain *@domain.co to never log list, and it shows in HS extension's settings in Outlook as blocked, yet emails sent to recipients on this domain are logged and opening tracked.

What I have done: re-connected the email account, re-installed HS extension, restarted Outlook.

System: Windows 11, latest Outlook, Office 365 email.

Please help to fix this.


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emails from never log list are logged

Hey @Juris, thanks for reaching out! I have some quick troubleshooting thoughts. This Community thread from @TiphaineCuisset  may also be helpful.


According to HubSpot's Knowledge Base Article:


"Please note: if there are recipients on an email who are not on the Never log list, HubSpot will log emails to those contact records. 

The Never Log list does not apply to email threads sent using a team email address or a third-party integration. To prevent emails sent from specific emails from appearing in your conversations inbox, learn how to manage your allow and deny list."


It may also be worth adding the individual email address to your never log list in addition to the domain.


Hope this helps!!

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emails from never log list are logged

Hi, jolle:

It seems that emails from never log list are a) recorded in the activity feed no matter what but b) not recorded in the contact's activity page. This was the case regardles to whether the email is sent form third party (Outlook) or Hubspot contact's page, and whether the domain or email or both were included in the never log list.

So the never log list works 1/2 way. That hurts productivity as the activity feed is populated with unneeded information. Would be great if "do not log" would mean "do not log", anywhere on Hubspot.