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CGOMES5 on July 03, 2022
My excahnge based email inbox (and the rest of my colleagues) have been disconnected from HubSpot. We've tried our email passwords to get it activated again, but its simply still not connecting. Can you supply some technical advise to rectiva read more
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0 Reply
DHobson on June 27, 2022
My question is...with the Outlook 365 Hubspot extension (with either Safari or Chrome on an iMac running MacOs Monterey) I cannot log and track emails in Hubspot. I set up the default config to BCC all emails to Hubspot but as the BCC address does n read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
June 28, 2022 12:29
Hi @DHobson , Thanks for reaching out! I wanted to refer you to this related thread with additional context on this issue and the sugg...read more
bdesilva on June 26, 2022
This is new in the last 6 months. On any computer, when I try to log in to the sales extension for outlook on the web (desktop works fine), the login appears to work fine, but then it goes back to the login screen and doesn't work. What's going on? read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
July 01, 2022 09:37
I'm just wondering if you've had any luck with this. A few of our users are having the same issue.
DavidPrice16 on June 24, 2022
I am enjoying using Hubspot. I converted from PipeDrive because Hubspot allows me to do most of my CRM work directly from Outlook. I am using Outlook 365 current version and I have installed the Sales Tool. When I am in Outlook and I tell the a read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
June 24, 2022 15:34
Hello @DavidPrice16 , thank you for posting in our Community! I would recommend checking a few things, such as reconnecting the integration and che...read more
Help2 on June 19, 2022
Hi, I am new to HubSpot and have gone through all the steps to integrate outlook. We work on a remote server so are unable to use the HubSpot add in for our emails to track opens and log the activity. We have plenty of pre-prepared 'quickpar read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 21, 2022 05:53
Hi @Help2 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! With "integrating outlook", do you mean connecting your inbox to HubSpot? Have you...read more
KfromVibrant on June 17, 2022
Hello! Is there a setting so I can have the hubspot outlook extention 365 for mac auto log incoming emails? It only does it when I send an email outbound. Thank you!
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 17, 2022 23:47
Hi @KfromVibrant , That's expected behavior, you can find the requirements for emails to log here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/email/log-em...read more
klloyd__1 on June 17, 2022
I heard a rumor recently that Outlook would be discontinuing syncs with CRMs other than Dynamics. I have not been able to find anything concrete on this, but want to know if anyone else in the community has heard anything similar. Even if this is read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 21, 2022 02:43
Hi @klloyd__1 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'd also be interested to see if other Community members have come accross this i...read more
JonDobson on June 16, 2022
the email tracking is useful and good but - it also counts/tracks when i click on/slect/open the email that i sent - ie it counts when i open my own email. i want it to track when recipients open not when i open it - any answers?
0 upvote
3 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 16, 2022 07:04
Hi @JonDobson , As far as I know, this can only be solved with one of the extensions, as explained in the article above. I'm not aware of any ...read more
OCastro3 on June 15, 2022
Hi, I'm finding myself constantly logging in to the outlook web hubspot add-in. Whenever I log in from the side panel, I follow the steps, input the verification code, then it asks me to log in yet again. Already deleted cached, tried in i read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
HubSpot Employee
June 16, 2022 02:04
Hey there @OCastro3 - Are you blocking third-party cookies in Chrome? This can cause a login loop, even in Incognito mode or when we clear cache. ...read more
KfromVibrant on June 14, 2022
Hello! I would like to be able to customize the hubspot add-in side bar when sending an email in outlook 365 application for mac. I want to be able to create a task directly from the sidebar. Is there a way to do this?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 15, 2022 16:15
Hello @KfromVibrant , Thank you for posting in our Community! I would like to share this knowledge base with more details on this matter here. ...read more
DanielS2 on June 14, 2022
Dear Ladies and Gentleman, we are trying to use the outlook addin for hubspot in our team. But we are getting the following error at one team account. Even as the personal mail account is connected. Do anyone have an solution for read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
June 14, 2022 19:40
I am having the same problem! Hope we find a solution.
MCruz6 on June 09, 2022
My team lead has been personally sending out invites to an event we are having, she was using his outlook account and had ‘hubspot tracking to CRM turned on’. As a result, everything she's sending logs in multiple contacts instead of logging only t read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 10, 2022 14:05
Hi @MCruz6 , Thanks for reaching out! If you include any recipients in the CC field, the records' associated objects will also be auto...read more
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