User on Mac/Office 365 Plugin not working w/Outlook


Is it possible for a user to install the outlook plugin when using outlook from a web portal and not the native application? In other words, the user access their outlook email on a web protal and not a native installed outlook applicaiton. The user is on a mac and has installed the proper plugin, but when in outlook through the web browser, they are not able to see any hubspot connection and they have sent test emails that then confirm nothing is being logged in the associated hubspot test contact.


Thanks for the help.

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Hi @QBurgess ,

Many of the MAC users have issues when with the Outlook add-in as it doesn't support many features. Check this thread here: HubSpot Community - Integration with Outlook for Mac - HubSpot Community

Also check this article here here where it says "Outlook installed from the Microsoft Store is not compatible with the HubSpot Sales Office 365 add-in. Check your Outlook version to ensure it is Click-to-run"

Hope this helps!

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