Understanding Outlook Plugin & HubSpot Sales Contact Creation


I am using Outlook.  I have 3 emails associated with my HubSpot accounts.

I would like to know when a Hubspot online CRM Contact supposed to get created when using Outlook for my email campaign?


My plugin company domain = www.JKH.com yet all my emails, whether from non JKH.com address to non JKH addresses get a Contact Created, nor if I send it from JKH.com email address.  DOES IT REQUIRE an Open, Response, or Link Click?  I have plenty of Opens, but no COntact creation from blast sent from Outlook.

THe contact gets created if I send from the online CRM tools itslef. 




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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Guy,


The HubSpot Sales email extension will create a new contact if the email address does not exist within your sales portal when to click "log in crm". If you log an email to your CRM it will either log it to an existing contact if that email is within your portal, or create a new one if it does not. 

Regarding the email blast, currently the CRM supports 1 to 1 emails. If your email was sent to multiple recipients it will not log to or create multiple contacts.


Hope this helps!