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Unable to successfully connect email

I have a new outlook email I am trying to set up but with HS that continues to fail and give the error:

"This app cookie doesn't have the connected-email-inbox-access scope to create personal inbox"

For reference I'm using latest Mac iOS (which I understand can cause some issues), I have cleared caches, tried incognito windows, tried the app and the desktop versions. I believe Hubspot Sales has been installed to the desktop version however I also am not able to add this to the Outlook ribbon. I have also changed security preferences for cookies and website tracking - all to no avail.

Any advice is greatly apppreciated. I am a first-time HS user so this is a little tricky for me. Contact with help center agents advised me to post here for assistance after initial troubleshooting failed.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Unable to successfully connect email

Hi @SM60,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

We'd often see this error if the user who is trying to connect their email address doesn't have the necesssary permissions in the account. 

Could you check if your user has the following persmission enabled: Settings > Account Setup > Users & Teams: 

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 14.31.43.png   



Mia, Community team 

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