Trouble seeing received on imap account.

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Hi Community,

I have an imap integration hooked up.  However, i'm not seeing emails being received by this account.  I can see in the CRM the email being sent out.  However, emails received by that email account does not show anything beyond, "David Lai opened email Testing email sent from Help".


I would like to see the contents of this email added to the CRM system.


Please, if anyone have an ideas, I could really use the help.

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Hi @DavidLai, can you clarify whether the email address for which you have set up the IMAP connection is the same as the email address associated with your Community account? What is the email server for this address? Furthermore, when signed in with this email, is it showing as successfully connected under your Email Integrations settings? Could you share a screenshot of what you see under these settings?


Thank you,