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I have set up email notifications and tracking and opens are showing in hubspot but Im not getting the popup notifications I have set up in my settings.  Does anyone know why this would not be working ?


I've also noticed that is I try to switch connected hubspot accounts the one Im using is not showing.  I recently changed my web domain and email.  To my knowledge there is no way of changing the email extension the account is registered under.  So I set up a new user set it as a super admin with the correct email address and deleted the old one.  I added the extension with the correct email address and everything is working but the new email address isnt showing as an extension If I go in to settings to re-sync the account it is not showing in the drop down either.  Any ideas ?


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Hi @ahamaton,


You can visit for notification setting.


If you have switched email account and also added an extension, then verify email address of both platforms.




Click here for troubleshooting.


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