Tracking not available on QuickBooks invoices or estimates


Hi gang.  I have run into an issue when emailing invoices and estimates from Quickbooks 2016 Pro (desktop). Hubspot tracking buttons are visible, but tracking is unable to be checked and thus, I have no way of knowing if the invoices/estimates are being received.  

Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hey @jnichols515 at this time it doesn't like there is a featured integration between HubSpot Sales and Quickbooks ( @bradmin ) correct me if I'm wrong here!


So I would not expect to see HubSpot Sales tracking these emails, unless you are sending via Gmail or Outlook.


I checked out Zapier, and there is a way to integrate Quickbooks with HubSpot CRM (see here) but I'm not aware if email tracking is involved. 



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It won't be possible to do anything with HubSpot Sales and Quickbooks. If you're also a HubSpot Marketing customer, the Zapier integration is available to integrate QuickBooks Online. However, QBO requires a premium Zapier subscription to leverage this, so it's not available with the standard Zapier subscription provided with the HubSpot Marketing product.

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I'm probably wrong. I may not be right about that.