Stop registering emails on deleted contacts



Got a rather strange issue. During testing I've sent some emails from Outlook (desktop client. Office 365) and contact/company incl. the email works as it should. All good.

Now I've deleted all contacts/companies that I was testing the integration with.

My problem is that every time I send a real email to one of those (previous) contacts, the contact/company/email registrer automatically in HubSpot, even though I've unchecked "Log to CRM".

My guess is that if I did not send a new email to that recipient for 90 days (restore time after deletion), this would not happen.


Any ideas? Now I must go and delete them every time.

Have not tried and remove the extension etc, but was hoping there was a more smooth way of cutting the connection, I've deleted the contact after all, and unchecked boxes. 

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @MariusLS ,

  Let's dive right in! To start, if you are still tracking these emails, they will still appear within your Activity Feed in HubSpot, but the actual emails themselves shouldn't be logging. If you completely sign in/out of the extension does the issue persist? Are any of your colleagues experiencing this as well?

Kevin Campbell
HubSpot Community Team