Some progress with Outlook Sales tool issues

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Hi all 


I've been tryng to use the outlook sales tool and it drives me mad. Specifically slowing down typing and taking an age to load properly. 


After a call with Jenny from HubSpot, I tried removing all the additonal 'add in's' from the Outlook account in use with the sales tool. 


I also noticed I have another 365 account in the Outlook App (on Mac) and so I removed that too. 


That seemed to fix the problem, and now having re-added in the other 365 account, but not added any more 'add in's' its still flying along. 


I havent got a fix for the pixel dropping to the bottom of the email to track it, thereby dragging the cursor with it, but at least it happens quickly now and is just as quick to be clicked back up to the top. 


This has driven me mad for ages, so I hope I can help someone in the same situation 🙂 

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Hi @TonyDowling 


Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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