Server 2016 Outlook 2016 Outlook Crashing on installing Hubspot Outlook Plugin


Fresh install of a Terminal Server, Fresh install of Outlook 2016, fully updated.


Outlook runs fine. Install Hubspot Outlook plugin, start outlook and all I get is "Outlook not responding"


Uninstall hubspot, Outlook runs fine. 


Run Outlook in safe mode, runs fine


Remove Hubspot from Addins, Outlook runs fine.


This is driving me nuts.  Logged a support ticket, but they were scratching their heads too.


Any ideas please ?

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Community Manager

Hey @Chris_Allaway 


I can see you are in touch with the Technical Support team and I can confirm that the team is investigating your specific situation. 


I would recommend keeping the team as your POC for this case, as they have all the details from your side for a deeper investigation. 


Thank you




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