Sent mail thru Outlook does not appear in Hubspot Inbox


Hi everybody:


I sent a mail thru outlook and checked the "Track email" and "Log to CRM"

The mail appears if consulted thru the contact and/or the Company.

But if I go to Conversations-Inbox option in hubspot, that specific mail does not appear.


That leaves me thinkking of not using Outlook to send mails as they are lost in the commented view on Hubspot platform.


Did I do something wrong?

Is there away to make that messahe to appear in the inbox view?

I there a way to do it right so it appears naturllly on that view?


Thanks in advance!

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @ahirschp!


When sending a tracked/logged email through Outlook, it is expected that this email will not appear within your Conversations inbox, it will appear on the associated contact record. Your conversations inbox is where you will see all incoming emails to the email address that you have connected as a Shared Inbox.


I am sharing documentation which goes over creatng a conversations inbox here as well as a guide to the conversations inbox here if you would like to check them out! 


All the best,