Sending documents in a sequence with Outlook 365, and the documents do not attached!?!?


Hello Everyone,


I've ran into a bit of a snag recently and was hoping someone has found a work around for sending documents (Images, files) through Outlook and adding that email to a sequence.


When I create an email in 365 I select the HS tool and click add a sequence.  It then opens a new tab with the sequence but the files I had attached in 365 are not longer visible.


I talk to HS Support about the ability to see the attachment I want to send in a contact record but I cannot send or forward attachments.  It needs to be a document.  I ask where all of our incoming files have been stored this far and was told we need another extension/ app?


As things sit, I have to send the email (with doc attached) through 365, then go into HS and start my sequence on the 2nd step as the first was already complete.  Create a new heading for the same job and add a sequence to the contact.  Seems like an awful lot of work to send an email with a file attached and add it to a sequence, no?


I run a printing business and sending files is a large part of what we do.  We receive art files from our clients, send it to our suppliers, whom create virtual proofs, to which we forward to the client for approval.  I know but that's the way print works ...


Any help, advise is appreciated.






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Hey Paul - hope you're safe and in good spirits during all of this.


I realize you posted this a while ago but I have run into a similar scenario.


Following the same steps as you from 365, when the sequence steps open up it seems like you can attach a document that exists in HubSpot.


So, I would upload the art proofs into Hubspot as a document, and then you should be able to attach it to the sales sequence.


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Upon further testing the way I described inserts the document as a link within the email and not as an attachment. Not sure if that's what you're looking for.

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@AnythingPrintca Hi Paul,

Thinking out loud as I know print.


Can you set up a link to a public file in Dropbox in a sequence template and use it that way?


If not, then send then it looks like manually send the first email and set up the sequence right after it is sent.