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Send proposed meeting times in an email - BUG

When trying to send proposed meeting times in an email, there is an error that says "only available for contacts in CRM." The contact does exist in our CRM, so it appears to be a bug.  It is an incredibly annoying bug so we have been troubleshooting and realized that this feature works if we copy/paste the e-mail into the "to" line of the e-mail, without using the suggested email completion feature in outlook. Does anyone know why or if there's a fix? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Send proposed meeting times in an email - BUG

Hi @AmandaAdams,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and for reporting this.


I'm currently not seeing anything on our Status Page about an issue with adding proposed times to an email in Outlook. 


As a first troubleshooting step, I would recommend disconnecting and reconnecting your Outlook calendar to HubSpot and ensuring that your Outlook version is up to date. 


If you continue to see this behavior, I would recommend connecting with HubSpot Technical Support, as Support is included in your subscription and this kind of matter may require deep troubleshooting. Our Support team will be able to provide real-time assistance for this matter, where you are able to share screenshots and further information about this.


Thank you,

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