Searching for CRM contacts in Outlook

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My team is trying out Hubspot at the free level for now, and one of the common workflow questions I get is: "can I search for contacts from the CRM directly in Outlook?"  These users don't want to "have" to have two browser tabs or two applications (hubspot in browser and the outlook desktop app), and it seems like a simple enough tasks to be able to search for a contact within the crm and be able to write an e-mail, set up a meeting, etc within Outlook.


I get the feeling the answer is, "no, have them search and send e-mails throug the hubspot app", but I figure I'd ask, in case I missed something.

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Hi @seanvokirkpatri,


While the contacts won't actively sync beteween HubSpot and Outlook, you can use the Outlook extension and search for contacts from the sidebar so that they don't have toggle between the two platforms when searching for contacts.



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