Sales Extension Glitchy with Outlook for Mac


I am currently running the HubSpot Sales Extention on my Mac (Macbook Air, Early 2015, running version: 10.15.3) When I run the sales extension and attempt to track emails if there are images or formating within the email, it deletes it or makes is invisible to the recipient. Also, the client makes Outlook lag significantly. I am wondering if anyone has a new 2019+ Mac, either Air or Pro and are you able to use the Sales Extension from your Outlook client without issue? 

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Hi @AmeliaR,


Can you please share what your issue is specifically? The extension is compatible with the following configurations outlined here.


If you can share screenshots and details around where you are getting stuck and what is not working as expected, that would be great!


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I have been using it on a Macbook Pro 2019 and it does have weird behaviour.  Text formats do not remain consistent and when you start typing, it displays a few characters and then skips down to the bottom of the page!  Unacceptable in my opinion but as a Mac user I'm used to being at the bottom of the list for bug fixes and support.  The only thing that works for me is to not have the extension pinned to the window and open it when I am ready to send the email.  The problems with that are actually remembering to open it before I send and formatting changes, indents, bullets etc all disappear.  Hopefully Hubspot listens to its users and will come up with a fix soon, otherwise its time to look for something more reliable.  Good luck!