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Regarding loss of email signatures’ images with O365 add-in with Outlook for Mac - Microsoft Issue

Hi Community!
To start, if you’re having issue with images not loading in your email, I want to share with you this article from out knowledge base that can explain why this can happen: 
This post is about a specific issue that happens when you are using Office 365 HubSpot add-in with your Outlook for Mac, which results in the loss of your email signatures’ images when the email is tracked.
This is an ongoing issue resulting from Microsoft. Microsoft has acknowledged this issue and taken ownership of resolving this. For an in depth discussion from Microsoft about this matter, please review this discussion. Additionally, if you are interested in following the status of this matter, you can track / follow the resolution through the discussion. Unfortunately, despite having this issue reported to Microsoft by many customers (including recently) there still have been no updates from Microsoft. Please know that we are doing everything we can to expedite the resolution of this matter, however the resolution will come from Microsoft. 
I apologize for the frustration and business impact this is causing. 
As for a potential workaround - we recommend that anyone experiencing this ensures that they use "HTML" format and not "Rich Text" format when composing emails (this may already be the case). 
For your signature, it should also be composed in HTML format. This can help with the formatting loss. At last, our recommendation is also to use Outlook on the web which should also be more stable. 

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Regarding loss of email signatures’ images with O365 add-in with Outlook for Mac - Microsoft Issue

Thanks for the jeads up and the explanation, @TiphaineCuisset!


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