Questions reg. O365 Configuration and initial Setup (Newbie)



im struggeling with the initial configuration of my Hubspot setup and im not sure where the problem is. 😕


Starting point:

  • My O365 account is using "".
  • This O365 Mailbox is using "" as an alias.
  • My Hubspot main account is unfortunately based on ""
  • I have connected my O365 account with "" to Hubspot
  • I have installed the Hubspot-Sales plugin in Outlook and "track email" is checked.


Main problem is that my emails are not tracked in Hubspot when im writing them via Outlook. 

  • I can only connect "" to Hubspot because this is the mailadress of the O365 account. (I cant add "" as this email adress is only an alias and has no own O365 login).
  • When i send an email via Hubspot frontend, then the mail is tracked correctly. 
  • Emails which i send via Outlook are not tracked within Hubspot (doesnt matter if i use myname@ or info@.
  • If i use the option "log to CRM" in Hubspot Outlook plugin, then the BCC link will be added to the email. But Hubspot is only tracking if the email was opened. 


  • What do i need to do, to get my emails sent from Outlook as "" tracked by HubSpot?
  • What do i need to do, to get my emails sent from Outlook as "" tracked by HubSpot?
  • What do i need to do, to get "" connected to HubSpot?





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Community Manager

Hi @dnb


I wanted to share a few resources with you that will help with some of your issues. 


1. This article walks through how to add additional email addresses to your user that you can use as aliases. 


2. In regards to sending from Outlook and using the HubSpot plugin, there are a few things to note: 

a. You will need to check off the 'log in CRM' in order to have the emails pushed into HubSpot. This is what will populate the bcc address. 

b. You will need to check off the "track" in order to receive notifications around when an email is opened. If you have Sales free, then you will not receive click notifications, so the open notifications will be the extent of what you will receive. For more information on this, I would recommend checking out this article.



Based on what you mentioned, it sounds as though your is already connected. If your info@ is not an actual inbox, there will not be a way to connect it to HubSpot, however you can add it as an alias meaning that if you send emails from within HubSpot using the alias, they will track and log. 


After reviewing this information, if you have additional concerns can you please provide specifics around where exactly you are encountering a roadblock and what exactly that roadblock is. 


Thank you,



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