Outlook sales extension not allowing login


We have been using HubSpot with the Outlook extension for the last 2 years. We are running Windows 10 with Outlook 2010 and IE10.


This year Microsoft stopped support for IE10 and in turn the Hubspot plugin for Outlook doesnt allow you to sign in and instead gives an error saying your browser isn't supported.


Chrome as our default browser.

The login link doesn't work if you load directly in IE10 (testing purposes)
Adding the website to compatibility and secure sites doesnt work.
Loading the authentication site directly in IE10 has the same issue, but works in Chrome.


We can't install IE11 as it is not supported on Server 2012.


Any ideas on how we get this to work so that our emails can continue to be easily tracked in HubSpot?

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Depending on who hosts your email, there are other options outlined here. Additionally, you can always have your emails tracked and logged by sending them from within HubSpot.


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