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Hi There,


Hi there,


Recently my emails stopped logging into CRM. Using Office 365. When I open up a new email window the hubspot email is not listed in the BCC(which it was before) I then have to open the Sales Tools icon and then it will auto populate. I have 4 team members, for 1 its working fine and for myself and the other 2 it is not. Any ideas how to fix it? Worked fine last week 

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@Lexigirl I prefer the actual Outlook app vs office 365 through chrome.  With that being said, it is not always possible.  Assuming you are all using Google Chrome, go to your browser extensions, turn off ALL unnecessary. Then restart the browser. It could be an extension conflict.  If this does not work, I have also had success with toggling the HubSpot Sales Ext off, close and relaunch the browser and then toggling it back on.


I feel your frustration as I live it.  


If you are actually using the Outlook app, uninstall and reinstall the ext. 


Good luck.




I'm having issues with this as well.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Outlook plugin.  I'm getting push notifications that emails are being opened, but it's not being logged in the CRM.

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Hi @mdowns,


Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, can you please provide additional information. Do you see the bcc address in the outgoing emails? 


I also wanted to share some steps outlined here to ensure your emails are eligible for logging.


The more screenshots, details and information you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


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