Outlook app for Mac - Email copy deleted when checking log to Hubspot / track opens boxes

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Hi All, 


I am using the outlook sales integration on Mac. When sending emails from the outlook app on Mac when i check the box to say 'log to Hubspot' and 'track email opens' the email goes blank and it deletes all of my copy and the rest of the email chain. This is incredibly frustrating and time consuming having to retype emails or remembering to copy and paste before ticking the boxes in case it deletes etc.  


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Does anyone know how this can be resolved? 





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This is also happening to me, but not to other users in my office. Its very painful to work around. I've unistalled the plug-in, but same behavior. I hope someone knows a resolution !

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This is happening to me as well. Can anyone help? Makes using the tool impossible.