Outlook addon: private email addresses still tracked

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Hi Experts,


We are facing following situation.


Sales rep is using MS outlook, with the HubSpot Sales addon.


Within outlook, he has 2 email accounts: 1 business email account and 1 private email account.  In HubSpot, this sales rep is off course identified by his business email account.


Now, when sending a private email from his private email account, this email is tracked by HubSpot. We don't want that, because the private email account of that sales rep is not known in HubSpot.   Is there a way to switch this off?


I know one can manually disable tracking for each email, but that's not acceptable for the customer.  We are looking for a way to have it switched on for the business email (i.e. the email that identified the sales rep in HubSpot), but swicthed off for the personal email (as that email is not used in Hubspot).


Any suggestions would be welcome.


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Hi Carl,


Sounds like there may be a connection that wasn't configured correctly. Your client could have connected a shared inbox vs. a personal inbox. Within Outlook I have multiple Outlook accounts, but only one that is configured to log and track with HubSpot. 


With that in mind, I would start by checking to make sure the integration was connected properly. Go to Settings (gear icon in the main navigation) then in the left-side menu click Integrations > Email Integrations. 

If you're unsure about the connection, disconnect it and reconnect it. 




If that doesn't work, I've also found that the HubSpot Help Desk is very good at checking the back-end of things to make sure everything is where it should be.


Hopefully that can get you started towards a solution. 


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Thanks for your input!


Not sure if there is any setting that I may be missing?  Any suggestions?


As far as I can see, the outlook addon applies to all mailboxes that are active on the MS Outlook client, even if those mailboxes are not linked to HubSpot.  We have this issue for all employees, so this does not seem to be linked to an issue with the connection.


Looking forward to some additional idea's.


Best regards,