Outlook Sales Email Tracking Issue

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A client of ours is having a reoccuring problem of recieving an error  reads " Your email is not getting tracked because you're not logged in" when they go to send an email out of their outlook.  Their outlook sales extension looks like its configured correctly and they are logging into HubSpot. It seems they get booted out of HubSpot when they go to send  an email out of Outlook. They've updated their password, which solved the issue for a little bit, but they are now running into this problem again.  


Has anyone experienced this before? 



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Hi @Sgontero,


I would recommend beginning by going through the steps outlined here to ensure their extension is set up correctly. 


If the issue persists after following those steps, can you please share a video of what happens when they open Outlook, log in, send the email, and then where the issue is occurring? 


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