Outlook Add-in Not completely loading


Hello -


I recently started using the HubSpot add-in for Outlook on desktop. I have the desktop version installed, not the web version. This is what the panel looks like -




I am not able to associate an email with existing records - the section titled Message Tools isn't even visible for me to check off the records. I would like to be able to associate an email with only the deal it's relevant to, for example. 


 should be seeing.PNG


Is this possible to do? I've uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and tried everything I can think to try. Looking for any help on this, thank you!! 

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Hi @RMurphy4 


Thanks for reaching out. 


Could you send me via DM your email address?
Do you also have an issue with Outlook on the Web, or is it only happening with Outlook desktop? Could you also follow these steps: Update the HubSpot add-in in Outlook

Please let me know if the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the above article work!