Outlook Add-In Automation and Email Integration Flaws


Has HubSpot created a solution to Outlook Add-In automatically creating contacts and leads for every email recipient for all outgoing emails?


It appears the only options are to check/un-check the "Log Email," checkbox in settings and/or check/uncheck the "Inbox Automation," box in Email Integration Settings.  This means that either a user can (1) check the boxes and have everything logged into the CRM and HubSpot will auto generate contacts and leads for any email recipient not already in my CRM, (2) uncheck these boxes which allows me to opt into logging the emails, but will still auto-create contacts/leads for recipients that aren't already in my CRM (i.e. if I want to log a group email with 10 recipients on the email, I can't select which Contact it gets linked to.  It automatically links to all recipients and creates new Contacts for all of the other recipients that I don't want in my CRM). 


Most/many emails that businesses send aren't intended for the CRM and certainly don't warrant a contact in the CRM.  This creates a significant amount of bad data in the CRM and clutters Reporting and other functionality with bad data. 


SalesForce has a great solution for this.  For every email a user writes, SalesForce's Add-In side bar lists each Company/Contact that you're sending the email to, allows you to select which Contacts and Companies you want to log your email to in the CRM (and not select users that you don't want the email logged to in your CRM), and if an email recipient isn't in SalesForce, it allows you to opt-into creating a new Contact/Company.  It doesn't auto-generate anything for you unless you ask it to.  


I've read many posts on this forum and others online about this issue.  Any updates on providing a fix to this isssue?  It's very time consuming to go into Hubspot every few days to delete all of the bad contacts, companies, and leads that the Outlook Add-In is creating.  Please help!

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Thank you for reaching out and for your detailed explanation. This is indeed expected behavior at this stage with the Outlook Extension. However, this has been rolled out for the Gmail Extension (the ability to choose with which recipient/and which deal to associate the email in HubSpot). You have more information here. I had a look in our Ideas Forum and I invite you to upvote and comment on the Idea here that is in planning by our Product Team for the O365 Add-in. You can reach out to the product team there to get more information about how it would work/ if this would look the same as the new Gmail extension.


Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the reply.  I've checked out the ideas thread and contributed there, I appreciate the suggestion.  Bummer that O365 users don't get the same support/service as Gmail users.  Have run into this Gmail vs. O365 issue on a couple of occasions.  For now, we'll wait for a possible O365 update at some point.

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This article  explains this issue in more detail and some suggested workarounds. Hope it is useful.


Thank you for the reply, we'll take this into consideration as a possible work-around.  Ideally, we were hoping that HubSpot would fix their own flaws and not have to pay additional fees to a third-party app to fix it for them.  But again, I really do appreciate your service and effort to proivde a fix.  Sounds like they've fixed the issues for Gmail users, but currently HubSpot doesn't fully support Office365 users.