Office 365 and mail logging


We have recently moved to Office 365 and I have set up Hubspot free version to log emails from our team of five employees. I have set each of their user accounts in Hubspot and connected their mail accounts.


We use Outlook Web and not desktop clients so I added the Outlook add-in from Office 365 admin as company wide and it shows up for each of the users. However, none of the emails are getting logged- neither when then come in nor when they are sent out.


The only way sent emails are being logged is when you manually click the Hubspot button when sending an email and then the BCC field populates itself but if that's not done, emails aren't getting logged- even if from the add-in settings the logging/tracking are enabled.


And none of the incoming emails are being logged either. Am I missing something setting it up? All the settings check out just fine.

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I have enabled logging and tracking by the add-inn settings, and it works fine in the Outlook desktop app and Outlook Web app for me.


Incoming mails will not be logged if it is not a response to a sent mail that has logging or tracking enabled from the start.


But be aware, tracking will not work with Hubspot Free version, you need a paid version of Hubspot to track mails.