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Not showing time customer/prospect opens email



I have hubspot extension and its currently showing the time when I open the email and not when the customer opens it. Is there a way to fix it? It seems to reset to the time when I click on the email. 


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Not showing time customer/prospect opens email

Hi @MChao , 


Thank you for reaching out to us!

When it comes to the opening email notification it is dependent on who had opened it last as mentioned in this help article... 


"HubSpot tracks email opens by inserting an invisible image into every email you send. When that image is loaded, HubSpot knows that the email was opened and an open notification is triggered. If the email is forwarded, this will result in multiple opens. Due to privacy and security concerns around tracking who exactly an email is forwarded to, HubSpot Sales defaults to telling you that the original sender opened the email again."


The open attribution (you vs recipient) seems far from perfect, which is the only explanation for your random notification. 


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