My Outlook sales extension has stopped working


I am new to Hubspot and have been up and running for about 10 days, after loading all my contacts I successfully installed the sales extensions to my outlook and have been capturing all email traffic for about a week. Then today office did an update and now my Hubspot extension is not showing, when I check in outlook it says it is disabled but every time I try to reenable it it says it can't and it looks like it thinks it doesn't have internet access which is bizarre as all my applications work, outlook itslef works, hubspot works just the extension doesn't, I clearly have internet access but cannot get the extension back up and running. Can anyone help provide advise on what i could try to fix this. I am not a techi so please provide simple instructions 🙂


hubspot 2.jpghubspot 3.jpg


hubspot 1.jpg


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Hey @AudreyB 


Thank you for the information provided, it is really helpful! I would suggest to uninstall and install the extension again. 


If this doesn't work, I would recommend reviewing this article troubleshoots the HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop add-in


I hope this helps


Thank you


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