My Outgoing emails ending up in Junk (even in trusted sister company domain)


It started on June 7th but all of my emails to co-workers (different O365 Domains) have been ending up in the Junk Folder even when replying to their email messages.  When a co-worker was send an email from an external address, but a Hubspot user with the Outlook plug-in was copied on the email it also ended up in the Junk Folder.


When I uninstalled the Outlook Plug-In the email's started to be delivered without the junk mail filter catching them. (I will agree the test is not full of objective test criteria, but an initial view is there may be a relationship).



1.  All emails were sent via Outlook not Hubspot

2. The two internal domains were already excluded within Hubspot General Email Setting to never log those domains.


So for now we uninstalled the Hubspot Desktop Outlook Sales Extension.

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Hi @SSmithBEP,


Your company's email policy might be comparably strict then, it's likely picking up on the HubSpot tracking pixel. In that case, you and your colleagues can "train" your email client to recognize the emails as safe, by working with the Safe Senders List and by dragging the emails out of the spam folder. If you've enabled Focused Inbox for Microsoft Inbox, Outlook may be filtering out these emails. In that case, this documentation has some steps that you can follow.


Not a satisfactory answer, I know, but unfortunately this is the price for email tracking. In a time when data privacy plays an ever-increasing role, filters get stricter and stricter.


Best regards!

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