Manually link contact email is tracked to in Outlook


Hi all,

Is there any way to manually specify which account (contact or company) an email is tracked in from Outlook? Let me explain the context:

We often have internal emails that pertain to a specific client (internal exchanges, work files, etc.) and of course I would like to have those emails available in Hubspot under said client instead of having to create a bunch of Outlook folders for my clients and thus tracking history in 2 different places.

I remember in MS CRM there was a button that I could click in the email that allowed me to search for a company/contact to link this email thread to it, but I cannot find anything like this for Hubspot.

Thank you

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @smontpetit!


When tracking an email from your email client using the HubSpot Sales add-in, there is not a way to manually specify which record you would like the email to log to. HubSpot will log the email based on the email address the email is being sent to. 


If you would like for this functionality to exist I would recommend posting this on our HubSpot Ideas Forum. This is where our Product team goes to receive feedback from our customers and also allows for other users to up-vote and comment on your idea.