Mails sent to OUTLOOK.COM from HubSpot not received

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When I sent an email from with HubSpot (free) to a test contact which has a valid format, the emails appears in the activity feed, but never reaches the ( inbox of that contact.


Checks I did

Send a mail from another test contact to a hosting provider, mail shows in activity feed and in the inbox of my hosting provider. When mail is opened this also appars in the activity feed, so all works as expected.


When I sent an email from my ISP (outside HubSpot) to my OUTLOOK test contact, the mail is delivered in the inbox of my outlook test contact.


I did a thirs test with a gmail account and the email send from HubSpot is delivered correctly in the GMAIL test account.  


N.B. I labelled the problem as tracking & logging, but the email is logged correctly in HubSpot, there is something wrong with the delivery to OUTLOOK.COM

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Hi @Kees3,


Do you mind confirming that your inbox is connected through the Outlook connection? My first recommendation would be to disconnect and reconnect your inbox. If there is an issue with the deliverability of emails sent through HubSpot, it may have to do with how your inbox is connected.


If you are still stuck after that, please let me know.


Thank you,

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