MS Outlook Add-in got crazy?


Hello, everyone who uses Hubspot sales with MS Outlook.  Did you notice recently any changes in how it works?  What I have always praised Hubspot for was that it was not making false positives on my own reads and re-opens of my own messages and responses from the addressees.


All of a sudden a week ago or so behavior changed to whenever I open a message I sent to someone or his/her response (which should contain the tracking bit) I get notifications that the message was opened by the person to who the message was sent to while it is me opening the email.


I am wondering if something got broken on Hubspot's server side or in the client-side software OR I somehow messed the things up?  I had to recently re-install the Outlook client and the Windows client and also remove Hubspot cookies as things were not working properly.  However, my expectations is that once I log into Hubspot with my credentials it should understand who is who?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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HubSpot Employee

Hello @Ascar,


There is a chance that either an update to Outlook or the Hubspot Sales add-in may have changed a setting. This support document explains how to prevent self open notifications in Outlook.  


Let me know if after following the steps in that article you continue to experience self open notifications.  


Thank you,