MS Exchange Email No Longer Suggesting Email Addresses



After I connected my Outlook Exchange account to HubSpot, Outlook stopped suggesting or auto-completing email addresses in the To: field as I enter the address. For example, it used to be that if I typed "Jim" it would show a dropdown suggesting each "Jim" I had emailed previously or who were in my address book.  I've gone into Outlook Options>Email>Send Messages and re-checked the "Automatic name checking" and "Use Autocomplete list..." but that hasn't helped.clicked the reset this? I think there is a direct correlatoin between my installing the Hubspot widget or app and this no longer happening. Does anyone know how to get this working again? Thanks!

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Hi @FiveOaks 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I haven't seen this issue before. 


What happens when you disconnect your inbox from HubSpot following those steps


Thank you, 



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