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Logging activity to Company not just contact

Thanks for helping me out.


I have tried everything and chatted to help desk many times.


While it sees a simple problem I just can't get it to to work like it did.




I sent a number of emails out to a company.


I checked log to CRM and track email.


None of the emails came up in an activity search under Contact Company


When I searched activity under contacts contacts there was the list of all the emails sent and if i open each one it showed tracking etc.


I need to open up the contact company acivity to se all activity for this company as I did previously for other clients


Have reloaded Hubspot and sales extension and tried everything to no avail.




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Logging activity to Company not just contact

Hi @JohnLewin 

Threads can help with this problem if you haven't already found a solution. Best. 

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Gerente da Comunidade

Logging activity to Company not just contact

Hello @JohnLewin what is your current outlook version? When sending an email are you sending from HubSpot or from your outlook?  The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.


 I wanted to add a few top experts @webdew @Josh any recommendations to @JohnLewin matter?


Thank you,


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