Is the HubSpot Sales for Outlook 365 (web) extension boken or discontinued? Endless login-loop!

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I've connected my Outlook 365 inbox to HubSpot and got a "checkmark" in the "Get Started" tourguide in HubSpot, but the next step about the extension does not complete.


I've installed the HubSpot Sales extension for Office 365 but no matter how many times I log in to office, or clear my browser caches and restart, I cannot log in through the HubSpot extension. It asks me to log in, I enter credentials, it returns back to log in screen with no error. If I log in again, the same happens... Just an endless loop.


Any fix for this?

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Hi - I was having similar issues. I have Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, using Outlook desktop, trying to install the Office 365 Hubspot Sales tool. Receiving errors...


Finally I got it installed by going to the online Office portal - from within Outlook - File > Manage Add-ins, opens up this page and getting to this page. It worked!


DOes that work for you?