Installed outlook Desktop Add-in but not showing after installation


So I have installed the outlook plugin on my computer numerous times over the last year and a bit that I have been using the CRM and it works great except for when outlook discides to disable it. Regardless, I've encountered a new problem that I can't seem to find a solution for.


I install the plugin and it says everything is successful and even shows up in my add and remove programs as installed but outlook 365 has no record of it being installed as a plug in and it doesn't show at all. It's not showing under installed plugins, disabled plugins or anywhere in outlook.


I followed each bit of advice on this thread


Still not working, I think I might have to uninstall my office and reinstall it, unless you have a better solution?


@dwayne_Screwpro I too use Outlook 365 and it is a challenge as I need to go to the sprocket and select where I am used to automatic from chrome. 


- Do you have the ability to use Outlook, not 365? 

- You can manually use the hubspot bcc and it will place the email in the appropriate place.  (I have added the bcc and fwd as contacts to make it easier)

- The other option I use is sending emails directly from the CRM. They have added the ability to attach files right there as well making it easier.


Incase others have ideas-

version windows

browser and version

does another browser net the same results?

HubSpot subscription level


Thanks and good luck.