Hubspot BCC vs Forwarding Addresses- Why the difference?


I'm new to HubSpot and I'm trying to test and set up the system for my sales team.  Most users will be on their smart phone at least half the time.  So tracking email via that platform is critical.  On the iPhone, I suspect most, if not all, users will use Apple's Mail app.  My understanding is that if they want to log a newly composed email or an incoming email from within that app, they will need to use the HubSpot BCC address or the Forwarding Address.




1. The BCC and Forwarding addresses are unique to my Account (same for all my users), instead of separately unique addresses for each of my users, correct?


2. Is there no automated way to log emails through a smart phone other than adding the Hubspot BCC and Forwarding email addresses manually?


3. Why the two separate addresses?  It will be confusing and more difficult to manage if our salespeople have to remember which email address they should be using when trying to log email via smart phone?  It is already an inconvenience to have to manually add one of these email address on smart phones.  Expecting our salespeople to enter in the correct email addresss 100% of the time is unreasonable.


Any suggestions or insight is much appreciated.



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Hi @ACI2008,


I wanted to share this resource which walks through the difference between the bcc address and forwarding address in detail. To summarize, the email addresses are different because they have different purposes (copying the original email to your portal and sending a received email directly to your portal that was not logged). 


In regards to your questions: 

1. Correct, there is one email address per portal. You don't need individual email addresses, as the emails are going to log to the contact record of the recipient within your portal regardless of who sends the email. The email address of the sender does need to be associated with a user in your portal, though. 


2. For certain email inboxes and setups, you can create custom rules, such as automatically including a bcc address in all outgoing emails, however if this is possible in your inbox, it would result in all of your emails being copied to your portal. 


3. Bcc vs. forwarding: this is because they have different purposes. 


Thank you,