HubSpot Sales add-in for Outlook (Office 365) not leading


I recently started using HubSpot. With using HubSpot I also want to use the HubSpot Sales for Outlook add-in. The benefit of having the add-in on all my devices is beneficial. 


It works in the browser in Outlook for Office 365 ( It works on my Surface Pro in Outlook on the desktop. 


But it does not want to work on my Surface Book in Outlook on the desktop... ☹️.

I get an ADD-IN ERROR while loading, it does not even show the HubSpot page. 


I uninstalled the app multiple times and re-installed it again. It does not make a difference and now I'm stuck. Help! 😉



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Hi @bramdejager,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

This might not seem related, but could you please check your Internet Explorer settings on your Surface Book device - as described in this help article? 


I also wanted to share this Community article with a similar issue that includes a couple of other troubleshooting steps and possible solutions. 

I hope this helps! 




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Hello Mia, 

Thanks for getting back! A colleague of yours already pointed me towards the first article. Unfortunately this did not make any difference for me. 

The second article I looked at. But this results into a solution for the HubSport Desktop add-in. And it seems that there was an issue in the European data center. I did not find any steps which would apply to my case. 

Do have an additional steps or actions to try? Really looking for a solution here. 

Thanks Bram