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How to upload emails into HubSpot and associate it with a Contact

I am a mortgage broker and I have created my clients as contacts in HubSpot. Now for each client i am usually emailing the client, the bank and a solicitor. HubSpot picks up the emails from the client and myself and adds it into the clients contact which is great but as im dealing with a bank and solicitor i would like hubspot or a way to add these emails into the clients contact on hubspot.


As i deal with banks on various clients i cant associate that banks email with that clients contact so please help me with a work around. 


I am usuing outlook as my email software

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How to upload emails into HubSpot and associate it with a Contact

Hi @CostaArvan 


When sending an email from Outlook and using the HubSpot plugin, where you see the Log & Track checkboxes you can click there and search for the other Contacts in HubSpot that you would like to Log the email to also.


Please refer to this article here and scroll down to the heading 'Logging Emails'.





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