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Help! I cannot log my emails to my Hubspot account, my bcc bouncing back!

Please help me asap!  I've been able to successfully log all of my emails to Hubspot from my company's Outlook 365 account with my Hubspot bcc address only to find they are now rejected by server and are not logged.


This feature is very important to me and keeping good track of my customers and how it creates a new contact for all of my new contacts when logging.


I've tried everything to fix it, uninstalling and reinstalling, creating a new Hubspot account (same thing happens bcc rejected and returned) asking the chat and even consulting a Hubspot Rep who instructed me to write this forum.


Please advise possible fixes with options, I love Hubspot and was so happy with it and even was considering growing my business with the CRM and adding more services.  Right now it's merely a data base that I won't use without this feature.


Thank you so much and look forward to positive feedback.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Help! I cannot log my emails to my Hubspot account, my bcc bouncing back!

Hello @ssaxon 


Could you please provide us more details in what is the specific error you received? Where are you seeing this error? Can you please send us a screenshot?

The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.


I would recommend also checking this article here that explains more what is necessary for your BCC to login.




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