Has HubSpot changed the way log and track works?

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I've had a query from a client that couldn't switch on logging and tracking in the CRM. 


I tried to find the setting in the CRM, but it seems to have disappeared - I'm sure I could see them on and off by default previously? 


I think its to do with this Outlook / 365  extension again... 


Once the email extension is set up, the track and log buttons now appear in the email editor in Outlook, but they still don't appear in the HubSpot email editor? 


Attached view of CRM email without the log and track boxes and O365 view WITH the options. 


From what I can see, to track an email from the CRM (if using O365) you have to manually add the Bcc address? That can't be right, can it? 



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Hi @TonyDowling ,

If you are using HubSpot sales extenson then your emails will automatically be logged into the CRM. However they must meet some criterias. Check out this article here: Log email in your CRM with the BCC or forwarding address (hubspot.com)

Hope this helps!

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