Few ergonomic issues with Hubspot Sales for Outlook

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Hi there. 

I'm using Outlook (Desktop) 2019 b11727 and I'm running into a few annoyances with the Hubspot Sales for Outlook addin. Apart from it, this plugin is very useful and quite rare in CRM software. 


1 - When multiple contacts are designated in an email (received or about ot be sent), hubspot sales widget only offers to show 1 contact from/to CRM. There is no next button, to add the others. It looks like it's only taking the last one of the list.2019-07-11 16-03-17.jpg


2. In a new Outlook email, Drag'n'drop a contact from "To" to "CC" or any combinaison createas a duplicate contact. Without the addin, this problem doesn't occur. 

2019-07-11 15-58-49.jpg


3. Many times, when I create an email, take some time to write is and then send it, Outlook remains with a draft email (identical to the last one I sent). I have to go to my draft and delete it manually. It's almost like it's not sending the actual draft I was working on but a copy of it. Without the add-in enabled, this problem doesn't occur. FYI, I use IMAP accounts.


4. Latency in opening the plugin. There is a relatively low but still noticeable delay when the hub spot sales window opens when a contact is present in an email. Is there any chance you can improve that? The problem isn't the time it takes for Hubspot to find the contact, but more the time it takes to open the widget which actually freezes outlook for almost 2sec. It also makes closing an email more slower when the widget is on...


5. Disabling the notifications does not disable the notifications. That's more of a HubSpot for windows issue, but even if I disable notifications as shown below, they still appear... 2019-07-11 16-15-34.jpg


I hope these issues make sense and can be looked at.
I've attached the logs (removed my emails). Logs 20190711


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hey @floc 


Thank you for the detail information and feedback 


I will check this with the team and I will get back to you as soon as I can 




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Hi @floc,


1. The sidebar can only show one contact at a time. This is working as expected. 


2. Is this only occurring when using the HubSpot sales features? This functionality would be controlled by Outlook. 


3. If the inbox that you connected using IMAP supports special-use mailboxes flags, such as mailboxes for draft messages or sent messages, HubSpot will copy the message to the folder with the sent attribute. If the mailbox does not support special-use mailboxes, HubSpot will copy the message to the first folder it can find that contains sent in the label. For more information on this matter, I wanted to share this resource.


4. Thank you for your feedback and for the logs. 


5. Do you have specific examples through video that you can provide? 


Thank you,


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