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Extension only Opens in Internet Explorer

Hello Hubspot Community! 

The Hubspot add-in will not open to the default browser that is set in outlook. 


I have confirmed that other add-ins will open with the default browser. 


Hubspot claims "

Because the O365 app in Outlook runs in an Internet Explorer window, all new windows will be open in Internet Explorer. This is not a setting that HubSpot controls, or that can be changed.  " 

Which is incorrect because other windows and add-ins do open to chrome when its set as the default, just not hubspots app. 

Does anyone know a solution to get around this so that the add-in opens to the default browser?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Extension only Opens in Internet Explorer

Hello @SStadnek, thank you for the information provided! 


 Certain versions of Outlook still use Internet Explorer to perform core functions in the background. This means that even if you do not use Internet Explorer as your browser, your HubSpot for Outlook email extension still relies on Internet Explorer.


To resolve this and continue using the HubSpot extension as usual, you’ll need to install WebView2 from Microsoft to update the browser that Outlook uses in the background. Click here to access Microsoft’s documentation, scroll down to “Evergreen Bootstrapper” and click download. Once installed, restart Outlook and try accessing your HubSpot extension again.




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