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Error "No tracker ID" Outlook 365 on Mac

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,


we are trying to use the outlook addin for hubspot in our team.


But we are getting the following error at one team account. Even as the personal mail account is connected.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-10 um 15.44.01.png


Do anyone have an solution for this problem? We would like to use email tracking and test everything before buying starter hub, but tracking is not working.


The secound problem at my account is that I can not switch between mail accounts in outlook without sales plugin getting deactivated. Even when both accounts are connected to my personal hubspot account. I always get the error that this account is not connected.


We are using Outlook 365 Business and shared + payed mail accounts.


Do anyone maybe have an solution for that?


We would like to test the tracking feature at our next sales campange but noting is working as expected 😞


Thanks in Advance!


Greetings from Austria,


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Error "No tracker ID" Outlook 365 on Mac

I am having the same problem! Hope we find a solution.