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Emails not tracked when Hubspot Sales sidebar is minimized in Outlook 365



We are using the outlook sales plugin following this instruction


install-the-hbspot-sales-office-365-add-in and can see the sales tools in outlook.

We are in the middle of hubspot onboarding and have encountered a problem our onboarder couldn't fix:


For our shared inbox (infoatcompany), I have set it to track and log email opens. When the sidebar is open, an at bcc dot hubspot email address is added in the BCC, and the email is tracked and associated with the hubspot contact. However, if the sales tool sidebar is minimised, that BCC address does not automatically populate and the email is not tracked in hubspot. This seems like a bug to me - is there any way to make sure that all relevant emails are tracked without having to click to open the sales tool sidebar? I know that the sales team are not going to remember to do that every time.


A related question is: if I have track and log ticked, but the I delete that BCC address, will that email be tracked? Or is it fully relaint on that BCC?


Thanks in advance for your help

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Emails not tracked when Hubspot Sales sidebar is minimized in Outlook 365

Hello @Robert_G 


Outlook desktop add-in and Office 365 add-in are the contact profiles sidebar menu and the need for a connected inbox.

  • The desktop add-in does not require a connected inbox (although using some of the HubSpot Sales features require a connected inbox), and the contact profiles sidebar is persistent, meaning it will always be open.
  • The Office 365 add-in requires a connected inbox. Additionally, the contact profiles sidebar is not persistent; it needs to be opened manually.

If your email environment is more aligned with the Office 365 add-in requirements above, the Office 365 add-in is recommended.


Please, can you review the setup information below and confirm which add-ins you are using and when:


I hope this information helps.


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Emails not tracked when Hubspot Sales sidebar is minimized in Outlook 365

I have a similar but slightly different problem.

I have the Outlook plug-in.  Up until about a week ago the hubspot sidebar opened up automatically when I replied to an email, so I know it was tracking, and also adding new contacts to the crm.  That was great.  Now it does not.  I have to manually click the hubspot add-in for every email.  Can someone let me know the setting to make it automatically open up again?  Tom