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Emails Out Not Associating with Company

Hi All,


I have looked for a post to answer to this and I am hoping I haven't missed it and made a pointless post buuut...


I am using Outlook Pro Plus 2019 and Hubspot Addin


When sending emails to existing contacts, who are associated to an existing company, the email is only being imported into the Hubspot Contact Activity, not the Company Activity as well.


This is causing an issue as we have multiple contacts at particular companies and we need to quickly see all activity relating to the company, not clicking into each contact. 


On the hubspot add in, I have the below ticked 



I have also uninstalled and reinstalled both Outlook and the Hubspot Add In and the problem is still there.


With the above setting checked, if I start a new email, or reply to email from contact, the below happens:


And the Company is not ticked by default (nor is the deal which I have cut off in this screenshot).


If I tick it, everything works, but I have to tick it every time I send an email (which is a nightmare!)


This all used to work perfectly until earlier this year when it went awry.


Please let me know if I can do anything to fix this (or if I am being thick!) 🙂


Thanks all,



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Community Manager

Emails Out Not Associating with Company

Hello @DGSDan thank you for providing this information! I would like to add some of our top experts to this conversation to share their ideas @LaurenKennedy @SNigam @Josh any recommendations to @DGSDan ?


Thank you,


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Emails Out Not Associating with Company

Thanks for your help Pam.  Still an issue affecting multiple users. Happy to Teams and show the issue if anyone wants to see it. 🙂